The reforms are going quite well. Response percentages are a bit down, but still around 10%. That is 170 million people, roughly. Considering we expect a normal distribution 10% is fine at this stage. There has been very little harassment and no e-mails as far as I have seen.

We need to pick up speed. I need more money for advertisements and I need staff.

New website:

Both Sandvox and YummyFTP are no longer supported and don’t work under MacOS Catalina. I switched to Sparkle as it has better support at the moment. During migration the content was moved to Google Docs. Some of it is still there. Work in progress.

Police notice:

Ene “Floris” die hier woont beweert dat hij bij zijn ouders in Franeker twee dozen illegaal vuurwerk heeft liggen. Blijkbaar moet ik hem dankbaar zijn dat hij dat niet hier in de straat afsteekt. Mijn overbuurman steekt elk jaar ook een paar strijkers af volgens mij. Kan daar beter op gehandhaafd worden? In beslag nemen die troep.

University parasites not welcome

Some parasite from Utrecht university visited my website and didn’t even bother to leave a like. Fuck off you university parasites, go scam some insurance company and ruin other people’s lives. I see you.

Medicine shortage

Due to cost cutting by the Dutch government I have to deal with medicine supply problems. I guess I can always go back to drinking beer?

No house

I live in a retard house. My upstairs neighbour doesn’t put out the trash, his mom puts laundry in the machine on tuesday and I have to take it out on sunday to do my own laundry, and on top of that he plays guitar at 4 am. He’s a plain retard called Thijs and he’s good for nothing. When do I get a proper place to live? The last place had retards in it as well. Thijs is fined €50.000,-.

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