My internet provider is halting its webhosting activities.

Some problems with the site:

- It was meant for academics, without much result. It was my intention to not stand out too much.

- It has a .nl domain.

- In some Arabic dialects ‘Koos’ looks a lot like their word for ‘vagina’.

- The website is not visited very often and 99,9% of the visitors are from the Netherlands.

- Most people who do visit only open the front page.

- I need a supporting organisation to be able to deal with large amounts of people, it is just me in a psychiatric care home for people with autism. Nobody is helping me around here.

- I don’t want to receive e-mails. I haven’t, but the threat is always there.

- I pay for it out of my own pocket and I’m sick of it.

This content will probably move to It comes with my internet subscription for free. So I will save my own money and then wait for a supporting organisation to execute the islamic reforms.

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