3D painting

In 1995, I had been looking at computer graphics for years and decided I wanted to make a 3D-painting-like world.

Computer graphics consist of linear algebra and colours and 3d objects. I decided to split the roles and have a graphics artist do the colours and hopefully the 3d objects. However the plan itself didn’t take off for us. Me and some friends decided to drop the invention on a BBS. From there it took a flying start and after ten years or so the first 3d graffiti was there. I didn’t keep track of the progress in the meantime. The invention was further developed in the demoscene.

A full playlist of computer graphics (and music) before and after is on my youtube channel.

A lot of pop music appears to have been based on this event, including Wonderwall by Oasis and the album “The colour and the shape” by Foo Fighters.

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