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سورة الروم - Al Room



غلبت الروم

Conquered were the romans

فى ادنى الارض وهم من بعد غلبهم سيغلبون

Then remained the fruitful mistakes were made from foolishness their conquering similar conquerors

فى بضع سنين لله الامر من قبل ومن بعد ويومذيفرح المومنون

Then became superlative in its kind sharpened for Allah the Lord from favouring and from alienation and when a time of past was feeling glad for the conforming

بنصر الله ينصر من يشا وهو العزيز الرحيم

With support of Allah being supported favoured [Yashaa] and striving for the strengthening of the ties

وعد الله لا يخلف الله و عده ولكن اكثر النسا لا يعلمون

And reckoned was God not being khalifa God and sharing equally and not concealed in abundance the people not being acquainted

يعلمون ظهرامن الحيوه الدنيا وهم عن الاخره هم غفلون

Being acquainted evidenced from the improvement the close in kindred imagined presented their reform having the means

او لم يتفكروافى انفسهم ما خلق الله السموت والارض وما بينهم الا باالحق واجل مسمى  و ان كثير منا النس بلقاى ربهم لكفرون

Alas, not considered by them then their high esteem which fabricated God the exalted and the fruitful and which they cut off but only with the necessity and postponed touching and when abounding in good from the people with impossiblity their care is not denied

او لم يسيرو فى الارض فينظرو كيف كان عقبة الذين من قبلهم كانو اشد منهم قوة واثاروا الارض و عمروهااكثر مما عمروهاوجاتهم رسلهم باالبينت فما كان الله ليظلمحم ولكن كانو اانفسهم يظلمون

Alas, not being of proper conduct then the fruitful therein they considered a quality of strength succeeded delightfully from their kindness they strengthened power from their potential and they honoured the fruitful and it flourished multiplying which was [mimma?] well populated and their breasts told their story with the eloquent mouths strongly Allah was their complete tyrant and impededly they strengthened their esteem being not in proper power

ثم كان عقبة الذين اسوا السواى ان كذبوا بايت الله وكانوا بها يستهزون

Set in order strongly following delightfully making peace the peacemaking when they said what resembled a lie with preceiving what is not apparent Allah and they strengthened what they knew not being foul language of self-conceited

الله يبدوا الخلق ثم يعيده ثم اليه ترجعون

Allah being independent the generous set in order being returned set in order protector returned to you

ويوم تقوم الساعة يبلس المجرمون

And times of fear the messenger being grieved by the sinners

ولم طكن لهم من شركاىهم شفعوا وكانو بشركاىهم كفرين

And not set aside inspired from good partnership intercession and they strengthened with good partnership deniers

ويوم تقوم السلعة يومذ يتفرقون

and time of caution was the labour; a time of past was being separated

فا ما الذين امنو وعملو الصلحت فهم فى روضة يحبرون

And what delight they feel safe and they worked the good understanding then satisfied being glad

واما الذين كفروا و كذبوا بايتنا ولقاى الاخرة فاولك فى العذاب محضرون

And what delight they deny and they lie with being equal and fight the reform then you pressed then the chastisement came into being

فسبحن الله حين تمسون وحين تصبحون

Then glorify Allah time you took hold and time you took charge

و له الحمد فى السموت والارض وعشيا وحين تظهرون

And attributed to the praise for the exalted and the fruitful and injustice and time you manifest

يخرج الحى من الميت ويخرج الميت من الحى ويحى الارض بعد موتها وكذلك تخرجون

being issued the vitalisation from the approach and being issued the approach from the vitalisation and being vitalised the fruitful distancing patiently and roughly pressing you vitalised

ومن ايته ان خلقكم من تراب ثم اذ انتم بشر تنتشرون

and from corruption when you brought into existence from poverty set in order when repelling action you went forth

ومن ايته ان خلق لكم من انفسكم ازوجن لتسكنو اليها وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة

ان فى ذلك لايت لقوم يتفكرون

And from corruption when bringing into existence punching from your having to esteem having to pair not you motionless having to deliver and making your separation prophecying and connecting when then you subdued not corrupted not stopping being considered by you

ومن ايته خلق السموت و الارض واخلف السنتكم والونكم ان فى ذلك لايت للعلمون

And from corruption measured the exalted and the fruitful and had to follow up (succeed) after the afflicted of you and the feeble of you when then you subdued not corrupted rejoicing acquainted


او لم يروا ان الله يبسط الرزق لمن يشا ويقدر ان فى ذلك لايت لقوم يومنون

Alas, not being considered when Allah being rejoicing the bestowing of rectification on Yashaa and being decreed when then your submission not correct embrace being conforming


الله الذى يرسل الريح فتثير سحابا فيبسطه فى السما كيف يشا ويجعاه كسفا فترى الودق يخرج من خلله فاذا اصاب به من يشا من عباده يذا هم يستبشرون

Allah delightfully being calm the pleasant wind breaking foolishness boldly then being joyful then the intimate ways Yashaa and being made friends remitting the rain being issued from  poverty then when having to satisy familiarizing favoured Yashaa from withholding when their being accused of wrong announced cheerful event

وان كانو من قبل ان ينزل عليهم من قبله لمبلسين

And when they strengthen from favour when being humble our elevation from favouring do not despair

فانظر الى اثر رحمت الله كيف يحى الارض بعد موتها ان ذلك لمحى الموتى وهو على كل شى قدير

Then having to consider blessed narrative connected Allah way being alive the fruitful distancing ignorant when you humbly looked the ignorant and striving elevating making safe desiring determination

ولن ارسلنا رحا فراوه مصفرا لظلوا من بعد يكفرون

فانك لا تسمع الموتى ولا تسمع الصم الدعا اذا ولو مدبرين

وما انت بهد العمى عن ضللتهم ان تسمع الا من يومن بايتنا فهم مسلمون

الله الذى خلقكم من ضعف ثم جعل من بعد ضعف قوة ثم جعل من بعد قوة ضعفا وثيبة يخلق ما يشا وهو العليم القدير

Allah delightfully your judgement from humility reparations made from distance weakness strengthened reparations made from distance strengthening weakness and beautifying being made smooth by Yashaa and striving for the acquaintance the appointed

ويوم تقوم السلعة يقسم المجرمون ما لبثوا غير ساعة كذلك كانوا يوفكون

And time you make right the superintending being divided the sinners which they expect changing superintending you managed they strengthen being separated

وقال الذين وتوا العلم و الايمن لقد لبثتم فى كتب الله الى يوم البعث فهذ يوم البعث ولكنكم كنتم لا تعلمون

And say delightfully they suggest the acquaintance and the prosperity are not cut off waiting for decree of Allah blessed day of the freeing then cutting off times of freeing and not your hiding humbly not you acquainted

فيومذ لا ينفع الذين ظلمو معذرتهم شلا هم يستعتبون

Then day of past is not being beneficial delightfully; they did wrong their simultaneous anger and their not being attributed a right course

واقد ضربنا للناس فى هذ القران من كل مثل وان جتهم باية ليقولن الذين كفروا ان انتم الا مبطلون

And do not cut off weak traditions lest people then cut off the quran from difficulty in obeying and will not oppose them with desiring more not being said delightfully they are unthankful when repelling except liars

كذلك يطبع الله على قلوب الذين لا يعلمون

your submittance being sealed Allah redoubled independent delightfully; not being acquainted

فا صبر ان وعد الله حق ولا يستخفنك الذين لا يوقنون

Then had to be patient when promised good, God established as fact and not sleeping wrongfully, delightfully not being enslaved

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