Please watch the video below and try to apply my explanation:

Automatic feedback

It would seem the particle is attracting itself through its own field. The field oscillates in steps of Plancks constant which creates the lines. The particles field is interfering with itself through the second slit changing the position of its own particle (autos=self; autofeedback or automatic feedback).

This helps fixing Einsteins theory of general relativity. In short, I feel that there are some serious problems with Einsteins theory of general relativity.

I solved most of these by using a model called “automatic feedback”. This means that particles are not moved around in space due to a ‘force’ (which Newton actually meant as a model) or by a fabric of “space time” (which is also a model) but by its own field. I call this “automatic feedback” or ‘autofeedback’ as ‘auto' means ‘self’.

Basically a particle is moved around by its own field. I also think that energy levels in a particle are changed by its own field. This explains some phenomena like gravitational redshift. General relativity has a strange explanation of gravitational redshift but it also fails to explain why the energy levels in light particles change along with the redshift. If it were time dilation, the energy levels in the light wouldn’t change.

The cumulative effects of time dilation would be plain bizarre. If you would go to space now, you’d have to set your calendar back one day. If you go next year, you’d have to set it back two days. Cumulative effects of time dilation=bizarre.

Also, if you would assume that a particle without autofeedback would lose energy, that would be an alternative for the big bang theory (which I hate). This is currently known as “tired light theory” which is also a name I hate.

The theory of black holes I’d like to solve by applying a principle similar to that of a ball; the gravitational center of a ball is in its center, but there is no mass there.

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