Commandments for states:


  • Base income 2000,- euros or the equivalent thereof outside of the European union.
  • Tuition needs to be free.
  • DSM is illegal.
  • Theoretical physics are illegal.
  • World governed by scientists (PlatoUtopia with scientists governing is the only option, there is no point in having people vote about scientific facts)
  • ‘Caliphate’ islam illegal due to calls to violence and superstition. 
  • Collection agencies are illegal. Anybody who owns or works for a collection agency or tries to do work similar to that of collection agencies is sentenced to death.
  • VAT is illegal.
  • Short selling is illegal.
  • Hedge funds are illegal.
  • Derivatives are illegal.
  • Interest rates on levels in proportion to inflation is legal.
  • Privatisation of public utilities is illegal.
  • Tax havens are to be punished with a food boycot.
  • Insurance is supposed to cover risks. All risks.
  • Businesses cannot sue nations.
  • Weapons are illegal except for police and military. Armies are to be phased out.
  • Psychopaths are not allowed in society.
  • Prostitution is allowed in designated areas. These cannot be mosques (or synagogues or churches). Please follow Dutch model pre-Asscher who is a retard.
  • Marijuana is allowed in designated areas. These cannot be mosques (or synagogues or churches). Dutch model is pretty good although politicians around here understand fuck all about what theyve created.
  • Alcohol is allowed but not in mosques.
  • Sabbath (saturday) extended to sunday, but can be swapped with other days. This is just a formality as it is already the case in western countries.
  • Ayn Rand works illegal.
  • The province of Friesland has no other name and commercial enterprises cannot use it.
  • Lead paint and use of lead (and other toxic materials like asbestos) in general is prohibited
  • Universities have to pay research tax seeing as they dont do any research anymore but do teach the results to students for a fee
  • Giving pledge to be transitioned into a tax payable to the government by everybody
  • net neutrality is obligatory
  • Black Pete is illegal
  • Tasers are illegal
  • Fireworks are illegal
  • Addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers and bank account numbers are ALWAYS confidential and not allowed to be resold or used for commercial purposes like advertising.
  • Fossil fuel subsidies are illegal

In general, preference goes out to the scandinavian model of politics.

© Koos Swart 2013