Revelation of John

I will try to explore the prophecies of the revelation of John.

Chapter 4: God

Chapter 5: The quran and the lamb who opens it

Chapter 6: The horsemen:

First: First Arab conquerors.

Second: Umayyads, they were fierce conquerors.

Third: Abassid, the Arabic “golden age of science”.

Fourth: Mongols who sacked Baghdad.

Fifth: Conquering of Constantinople.

Sixth: Probably the mount Tambora eruption

Chapter 7: The Jewish people. Probably referring to the story of Exodus and the prophecy of Isaiah.

Chapter 8 and 9: 

World war I, world war II. Chernobyl, Pinatubo volcano eruption. Kuwait Gulf war and Iraq war. ISIS.

Chapter 10: Seventh trumpet.

Chapter 11: Starts with the UNESCO declaration, it seems. Then the word ‘but’ which is usually translated into ‘and’. The two witnesses. Progressing on twitter. Start of islamic passover.

Chapter 12: A city.

Chapter 13: The legacy of the caliphate. Blasphemy. Reciprocation. The blaspemous legacy of the caliphate is spread through the internet (666).

Chapter 14: The lamb. Babylon has fallen, which is either western democracy or Saudi Arabia. Both are possible at this moment. The earth is reaped, this happened on facebook. The promotions work really well.

Chapter 15: the last trumpet: Seven plagues. Everything is set for the exodus.

Chapter 16: the start of the plagues. Caliphate islam is first. Maybe Trumps anti-muslim policies. Second has to do with living things in the sea. Maybe plastic. Third, there is plastic in our rain. Plastic particles are raining down from the sky and end up in our drinking water. Fourth might be global warming. Fifth may be the internet woes. Internet as an objective ’tool’ is not an option. Sixth trumpet. Turkey and several other countries are fighting over what is left of Syria. I am collecting followers on facebook. Seventh plague. It is done.

© Koos Swart 2013