I was casually retweeted by some irrelevant Dutch columnist and got some notifications in twitter which I’m not going to read.

In fact, I prefer to not be known in this country.

I sent some e-mails to academics at the end of 2007, but they weren’t answered. Only a few years later I e-mailed press.

People have been telling me I’m Jesus since grade school and I don’t really like it. So I didn’t want to get my face on TV. It’s mostly irrelevant to my work. Anyway academics should have written a proper report on my work and publish it somewhere. It doesn’t belong on TV.

The ‘Arab spring’ (very much bracketed) was started by someone setting himself on fire. It seems that recently three people set themselves on fire because they were dissatisfied with the current situation. This is hardly surprising.

However, and I am putting this in my blog because it will probably lead to a block if I put it on social media, it seems that dead journalists generate more publicity than living ones.

Maybe something to think about if you’re a journalist. Your sensationalism has led to a mark on yourself.

This is what you get from irresponsible behaviour.

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