Psychiatrists’ comments

I complain a lot about psychiatry. Now for some positive feedback I received:

Around 2003, a psychiatrist stated that ‘kafir’ meant the muslim women because they cover their heads. I replied that I wanted to decipher the quran. He said: “If you do that, I’ll call you ‘sir’.’. I then went on to reply that it depends on the context. In one case he was correct, as it turns out.

Another psychiatrist stated that she understood that I wanted to make a more peaceful world by making a friendlier quran translation, but she was concerned about my stress levels.

When I said to another psychiatrist that I moved Hajj to Istanbul because it is the one city I would visit if I could only visit one, he agreed enthousiastically. Also, when I told that psychiatrist I had declared Karachi a Holy city and e-mailed him a link to my article, he stated that it was ‘entirely rational’.

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