Picking up women?

We got some moron in our guild a few weeks ago. He happens to be a dutchman and lies continuously. He claims to be a ‘mythic raider’ which no one cares about in our guild and invited some friends.

My ‘toon’ is female, but I’m not.

The guy is a total retard. At some point I’m in a bg and he whispers me “Hallo schatje” which means something like “hello honey”. He apparently just whispers random people saying such things. So I sent him a question mark: “?”. He continues: “Alles goed?” or roughly translated “How you doin?”.

If you’re going to pick up women, be a fucking man about it instead of using cowardly cop-out lines!

Anyway, I reported him, now let’s see how blizzard deals with these cases.

If they don’t do anything, I’ll be pushing on it.

Also, I checked the players’ profile and he doesn’t seem to have done any mythic raiding. A lot of heroic though. He claimed he was back after a break but his ‘toon’ has been raiding for the past two to three years.

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