Nashville statement

Apparently, some U.S. crazies cooked up all the bad ideas about the bible and put it in one document.

I wanted to be the “Einstein of psychology”, but nowadays I would say: “Isaac Newton of humanities” as I have decided Einstein is to be criticised.

It’s not that there was no religion before Genesis. Genesis was written in place of something probably much worse.

It’s basically someone trying to put some order into chaos. It’s not a blueprint for everybody’s life.

A lot of the stories in the old testament are about what NOT to do. The ten commandments then puts these in commandments to get rid of the Egyptian influences in Canaan. Again, putting order in chaos.

If just looking at someone is adultery, that means it’s not something you can be stoned for. It’s basically part of life. Then you paint some ideal situation which does not exist, and accept that. This in place of something far worse, basically saying that certain other behaviour is the goal, which it isn’t. Although some people live crazy lives, it’s not for everybody.

Then there is the problem of the scribes or academics as we now call them. They are the keepers of the documents, but Jesus criticised them on several occasions. We can trust the idea of a prophet and the general message, but taking everything literally is plain wrong as it is the academics who maintain those, and they are clearly not to be trusted even in 2018. That’s why we need religion. To organise some responsible backup for people who need it. Then the academics come and mess up the backup plan for their own failure. Fail people, academics.



© Koos Swart 2013