Morality with religion

Frans de Waal did a very interesting TED-talk on morality without religion (ads not supported).

The question is not what religion needs to change, but the difference it makes to start writing things down. Are you writing down the correct moralities or are you warping them?

We can clearly tell from contemporary politics that people can get really popular and wealthy by selling perversions.

Once you start writing things down, you need to be correct about them.

That is why there is only one God in the bible.

Some people make up crazy stuff.

Besides this point, there is the issue of bad instincts. Not all instincts are good. Reciprocation is a very important factor in human behaviour, but it can also lead to circles of violence. Jesus said in the new testament to turn the other cheek, which is a moral value not obvious from nature.

© Koos Swart 2013