Gender nonsense

I wrote a psychological model to create some order into chaos. It is important for mental health care, but can also be useful in politics.

As it is humanities, it is similar to Machiavelli’s work and the story of Genesis: It’s not an exact science.

I didn’t add mathematical formulae because that’s not how humanities work.

However, having these ‘rules’ is better than not having them.

In a recent New York times article scientists explained some more about the differences between men and women. These simply exist. They are just very complicated. 

Just read the article.

The point of the works mentioned is to create some sort of ‘guide’ as I like to say: All youth are troubled.

In the days of the old testament, a lot of temples employed temple prostitutes for money. Some temples in India still do.

A risk that exists is that the prostitute role is ‘normalized’ by the temple officials. Men should just visit the prostitutes so the temple can make money.

It is quite easy to criticize these guidelines afterwards, when science has shown them to be, in fact, correct. It’s just a lot more complicated.

However, because I kept my psychological model simple it is easier to learn and apply. It could be taught in grade school. Even then, still people will mess up and see them as instructions instead of a categorization that is not to be taken too literally.

As I have Asperger’s, for example, I do not reciprocate. However, that is not ‘normal’ and a trait of autism which places it into a disorder type personality.

© Koos Swart 2013