I guess I have to write something on democracy. Democracy entails issues like freedom of speech and right to organise, aside from voting.

Voting is not a very good way to solve problems and I am forced to address it.

Voting is bad.

If you do vote, make it accessible (via app for example) instead of having people turn up at a central location, which they often won’t bother to do.

Vote on small issues, not entire poltical parties or something complicated like brexit.

Far too often political science is ignored by dumb people (hello republican party). These tend to be special interest parties that serve the wealthy. People vote for them hoping they’ll be one of the wealthy one day, or because their special interests are somehow served. This is not how you run a state.

There are counterintuitive but quite simple solutions to most problems, and having people dumber than you vote for it is the same as walking away from your duties as a ruler.

© Koos Swart 2013