Due to a recent Linus Tech Tips video I decided to buy a Sony 1000X-M3 something something. I used to use beats solo3 and as everyone is complaining about beats I wanted to know what I was missing.

First off, the noise cancellation on the Sony is awesome. For the first time in my life I have this peace and quiet, so it is one of my best purchases ever.

The sound on the Sony is a lot more ‘loose’ than it is on the beats. I get the impression that the beats deliver a more direct sound, but they have quite a punchy bass which is a bit odd and I’m not sure what to think of it.

I bought the Beats due to the W1 chip and the bluetooth connection on them is flawless and very user friendly. On the Sony’s I’ve had several skips, crackling noises and the headphones need to be updated and configured using an app on my smartphone, but I use airpods for those. The headphones are for use with my imac at home. I don’t bring these huge headphones outside, it looks silly.

So yea, quite pleased with the sony and the beats will stay until they break.

My main complaint about the beats: I’ve had them replaced under warranty three times in two years time. Very bad build quality, but good service. Still I prefer to skip the hassle of walking up and down to the store and using my wired headphones for a week or so until the replacement is approved. Also, when warranty ends I end up with broken headphones, no thank you.

Edit 19-2-2019:

After some use I’m annoyed that the Sony’s volume controls are not 1 on 1 with the mac’s volume display. Also the touch controls are a disaster and because the volume control is not synced with the mac I have to use them. Every time I turn on the headphones I have to sort the volume and make sure I’m not wearing them as the volume can be very loud.

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