Apocalypse plans

It would seem like the U.S. has all but declared war on Iran. They’re just afraid to say it out loud.

During the peak of ISIS, I was spamming ISIS supporters because they hadn’t heard of my quran translation.

Currently the situation is different. Either they have heard about it or I’ve tried enough.

I spent some money on ads but due to lack of support in my personal life I am putting things on hold.

I am not getting involved in another war. I could advertise in peaceful areas when war breaks out, but I’ve done that already.

So I’m taking a break and maybe I’ll check out the new iMac as it seems to be a lot better. Or I could wait for the new mac pro, but judging from the imac pro it’s doesn’t seem like it’s going to be worth the extra cost, even if it would be interesting to own one.

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