Automatic feedback II

I wrote about this before, but it would seem the particle is attracting itself through its own field. The field oscillates in steps of Plancks constant which creates the lines. The particles field is interfering with itself through the second slit changing the position of its own particle (autos=self; autofeedback or automatic feedback).

Automatic feedback

Some years ago I wrote on physics. In short, I feel that there are some serious problems with Einsteins theory of general relativity.

I solved most of these by using a model called “automatic feedback”. This means that particles are not moved around in space due to a ‘force’ (which Newton actually meant as a model) or by a fabric of “space time” (which is also a model) but by its own field. I call this “automatic feedback” or ‘autofeedback’ as ‘auto' means ‘self’.

Basically a particle is moved around by its own field. I also think that energy levels in a particle are changed by its own field. This explains some phenomena like gravitational redshift. General relativity has a strange explanation of gravitational redshift but it also fails to explain why the energy levels in light particles change along with the redshift. If it were time dilation, the energy levels in the light wouldn’t change.

Also, if you would assume that a particle without autofeedback would lose energy, that would be an alternative for the big bang theory (which I hate). This is currently known as “tired light theory” which is also a name I hate.

The theory of black holes I’d like to solve by applying a principle similar to that of a ball; the gravitational center of a ball is in its center, but there is no mass there.

Enigma - Mea Culpa


Alex Bonnema

(Of CDA Heerenveen)

When it comes to islamic reform, ignoring a police warning is a very bad idea.


Currently I am in need of:

- Digital media assistant

- Video specialist

I’m automaton

Am I love

Every heart is beating

I’m all love

Can’t you feel me feeling

Take my hand

Cold like a junkie

I’m an ice cold man

I’m an ice cold man

Why am I crying for you

All this love

I felt for you

Has gone away to another place

It’s a digital life

I put my faith

In a digital world, buy they’ve given me

Eyes without a face

I steal the moon

On summer nights

Remind myself I am someone

My soul is null and void tonight

I’m automaton

I’m so tough

Can’t you see me running

See I can touch

Can you feel me coming

I see the world

And cry for freedom

These metal eyes they can’t disguise

The fact I

Need something to believe in

But they’re not crying for you

I said goodbye

To the world I knew

And took off into inner space

It’s a digital life

Weren’t you the ones

Who promised me

A very different place

I power up

Get my program set

And tilt my head towards the sun

Inside I know

I’m null and void

I’m automaton





Hey you got me down underground

Gettin holed up in my cyber lounge

As if I had time to break that down


Whatever you can do I can override it

Got a million ways to synthesize it

Digital android I can fight it

Fight it out


It’s a digital life


Digital life


Digital life


Feel like the man who fell to earth

But this is not where I belong

They rule my life from a metal box

That’s windowless

And I wonder

Where it all goes wrong

Maybe this dream will stay alive

But can the madness be undone

Am I the new intelligence

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

I’m automaton

It’s a digital life

It’s a digital life

You know I need something

I can hold onto

Hold onto

You were all I knew

I’m automaton

I need something

I can hold onto

Hold onto

You were all I knew

I’m automaton

Source: Jamiroquai website

Some islamic kids and women

Source: Frontaal Naakt

Intrinsic value of banks

Something I already explained in 2006 when I left my job in Amsterdam was that banks have very little intrinsic value. That means that the value of their shares is based mostly on profits.

Banks tend to use large office buildings that aren’t much use to other industries. Used computers are worth next to nothing.

The money banks have is owned by other people, and banks have to pay it back.

Banks lend money to others hoping to grate some profits off of it. That is where their profits and, with that, value comes from. Once this business model folds, bank shares are worthless.

The euro as a world currency

In my earlier blog-writing days on this website I pointed at supply and demand of money. This has partly to do with goods that one can purchase with it. I may not have elaborated on it enough.

In the case of world currencies there is also demand from abroad. This goes for the dollar, the euro and soon the renminbi (Chinese currency). I knew this already but I discovered whole pages on the topic on wikipedia.

This means that there is a huge demand for the euro outside of the European union. The U.S. has a very bad democratic system (which is now also officially labeled as such) and its national philosophy on priorities is terrible. The U.S’s hate for socialism makes it a very unfair and therefore unstable economy. The U.S. is very impopular in south america and the islamic world. Also the U.S. debt is way too high which makes the dollar unstable. If the U.S. government defaults there might not be a world currency dollar anymore.

If the eurozone wants to secure its world currency status it has to refrain from incurring huge debt and not wage too many wars abroad. I prefer that the E.U. has no military. Where there is war, there are warcrimes.

I prefer for the money to be put into circulation in the form of base income as dividends to the european citizens and to compensate for negative side effects of this status of the euro.

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