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Arabic support

Although I initially bought a mac because it was a continuation of nextstep, at some point I started my work on the quran. MacOS has always had proper Arabic support, windows is just a mess. A huge mess.

Todays news nonsense

Today on the useless news: printed 3d guns.

That is apparently more interesting than my work.

Good going, planet. Go kill yourselves.

My current mac

That I use for the website and I play world of warcraft on it. It’s a very nice computer, I’m really pleased with it.

Now to get a laptop so I can work on holidays and such. Not that I’ve taken any since 1998.

I don’t have that much memory in my mac :p

The screen is really nice, in bright sunlight I can open the window and turn up the brightness and I can still see everything on the screen clearly.

Why I buy macs

No further comments.

Mac gaming resource

With the release of the new “World of Warcraft”-expansion there has been an upgrade to the WoW graphics engine and players are scrambling to get it to work for them. Suggestions are being spread through the “World of Warcraft”-forums and I might as well put some here. They can also be useful for other games, I guess. I don’t play other games :p.

If you right-click the app and choose “info”, you can choose “open in low resolution”. This will open the game in a low resolution without changing the rest of your system.

If you want to change the resolution of your entire mac display, go to ‘preferences’->’displays’ and option-click ’scaled’. Check “show low resolution modes” and there you see some options to change your entire mac display to a lower resolution (5k gaming really isn’t viable yet with any graphics card).

GPU and CPU usage monitor: If you open ‘activity monitor’, then go to the ‘window’-menu and open “GPU history” you can monitor the usage of your GPU. There is also an option to check the usage of your CPU.

Intel application: Intel has released a mac version of their CPU monitoring sofware. This will show you the utilization and temperature of your CPU.

There is an app called ‘macs fan control’ but I would advise against using it if you don’t know what you’re doing. I use it because there is no “AMD power gadget” like intel has released for the CPU. It appears an “AMD power gadget” exists for PC so I complained with AMD about the lack of a tool for the mac. It would appear the imac’s CPU and GPU are cooled enough to stay at 80 degrees C or below.

Dogs are shit animals

I live in a small city near a river with a strand of nature following it, and a path for bikers. When I go do some shopping I can take the scenic route along the biking path.

However, a lot of bikers consider it a sort of hyper loop for bicycles. It runs through the city, but there are no cars around.

Also, everybody in the wide vicinity walks their dogs there, so it is straddled with dog poo.

This morning a shitty little dog came up barking to me. I complained to the owner, it wasn’t on a leash, which wasn’t the first time that happened.

According to the owner, it was my fault. Somehow my ‘emotional state’ forced the dog to bark at me. You can say that to your equally dumb neighbour between exchanging homeotherapy tips, but not to a total stranger. It is extremely rude.

Apparently I have telepathic powers which force dogs to bark at me without knowing it. Do you have any idea how retarded that sounds? How about this: I don’t give a shit about whatever kind of bullshit animal you want to keep. I hate animals so keep them away from me. I don’t live in a zoo.

This strand of nature running through the city is entirely ruined by retards who don’t consider other people to be of equal worth. It is the strand of Sodom in the city of Leeuwarden.

India’s net neutrality rules

I am quite upset by the lack of net neutrality in some asian countries. It means that I can reach people through promotions on facebook (which I pay for) but the people I reach can’t actually reach my website, which sucks and is a scam.

India has apparently been busy fixing this while I was just sitting here being upset. Good!

The United States are being governed by a psychopath

Base income and general stupidity

Most people (99%) have no brain.

Base income will not lead to more money, it will be received from taxes elsewhere. Also, wage costs for low-paid jobs will be much lower, because the only wage that will need to be paid is what is added to the base income. This money will be returned to the government by means of higher taxation of businesses. This is good for labor-intensive, low wage job creating companies, as they will have lower wage costs and the taxes will be paid by all companies, who all also have lower costs (just adding that again for dumb people).

It is simply a matter of moving money around. I don’t care if rich people pay more tax, I don’t like them. We might as well kill them, infact why don’t we. They don’t do anything useful around here.

It is best compared to an insurance policy. Of course lately insurance doesn’t exist anymore either, so we need to reïnstate that as well, thanks to the U.S. rich people (why don’t we kill them, I guess we should).

Donald Trump is a prime example of a rich person. Every rich person is like that, an asshole that deserves to be shot.

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