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So far I have made €0,- off my work. I have invested my own money in it.

There are some criminals supporting islamic state listed on my legal issues page. One noteworthy party is the Dutch government. If they do not pay up, I will have the tax revenue service destroyed so the country will be bankrupted. So don’t invest in this country.

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School performance and ethnicity

This was a hotly debated topic recently in the Netherlands. Let’s call it a storm in a glass of water.

This video is from 2011, which should tell you something about the level of the debate in this country.


Wow, it’s my favourite cartoon character.

Dutch tax revenue service

The Dutch tax revenue service (and the CAK, elkien and de Friesland zorgverzekeraar) are harassing me with bills since 14-10-2014.

I can either perform a cover up or present these facts, the latter might lead to repercussions.

I choose the latter option.

This means that the Dutch government can be bankrupted any moment. I don’t care.

Facebook in the developing world

Muse - Uprising (2009)

Heavy Cross



When I was a practicing muslim, one of the mosque goers went on hajj. When he came back (his head shaved bald) the others excitedly asked him: “How was your hajj?”. He coolly replied: “Yea, lots of people.” and gave me an angry look.

Why the iphone can’t be made in the U.S.

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